Yamaha R15 Version 2 for rent in Pondicherry

Full day
₹ 900.0 /day
Full day
₹ 1150.0 /day
Excess charges
Excess Km
₹ 6.0/km
Km Limit
150.0 /day
*A day is calculated as 09:00 am to next day 08:30 am. | Min of 1.0 days billing cycle |

Looking for a smooth pick up and a good performance bike? The new series of Yamaha R15 could just be the one for you. Wish to get a hands on experience to make that big decision of going for the bike or not? Why not stop listening to what others have to say. Feeling constrained because of the limited time you get on the Yamaha R15 test ride? We have the right solution for you.Yamaha R15 on rent is made possible by Royal Brothers- Bike rental company. So hire the Yamaha R15 for a day or two and check out the bike yourself! If you wish to use based on temporary needs, you know what to do! The best part? To do all of this, you don’t even have to worry about the Yamaha R15 bike price as Royal Brothers has made it cost effective for you to rent. Get the keys to happiness and enjoy your day!

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