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Heritage Route: Bike Trip From Bangalore To Hampi

Bangalore - Mysuru - Chitradurga - Hampi

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Taking the road through the legendary history of Karnataka begins in Bangalore. The IT hub of the state is a typical metropolitan destination. You will meet a number of expats, migrants and locals who are all extremely welcoming and come with their own distinct backgrounds and cultures.

Head out of Bangalore to your first pit stop, Mysore, a 3 hour ride from point A to point B. The best of the heritage of Mysore city can be found at the Mysore Palace that still houses the royal family, and still stands in all its glory. When visiting during opportune times, the palace is lit up from head to foot with lights to highlight its majesty. Apart from the palace, you can explore the sprawling botanical gardens or take a leap back in time through the museum. Mysore cuisine has stood the test of time and can be relished at the local darshinis at affordable prices.

Post Mysore, head to Chitradurga, a sight made famous by the Moghul braveheart, Hyder Ali who made a valiant attempt to take over the town, though his army was ousted single-handedly by a local woman by the name of Obavva. The story is as fascinating as the fort the locals fiercely protected. You can also see massive windmills along your route surrounding Chitradurga Fort.

Your last stop along the Heritage route is Hampi. It is one of the most populated sites in South India for backpackers who prefer a more laid-back tour. Hampi is bountiful with ancient temples, most of them carved out of rocks that still stand erect to this day. Hampi is actually the melting pot of cultures and you can visit a number of religious monuments dedicated to the deities of Jainism, Islam and Hinduism. You can stay over for a few days to beat as one with the spiritual heart of South India and make sure to visit the Hampi temples.

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