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date_range22 Oct 2020

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Riding a two-wheeler is a convenient mode of transport for most commuters in India. Not only is riding a two-wheeler, a great way to beat the traffic, but it is also a cherished joy for bike enthusiasts. For those who cannot afford to buy a two-wheeler upfront, the experience is still in their reach, owing to the option of renting a two-wheeler to explore the city.

Scooter rental and motorcycle rental services are available in India in many cities. The demand for bike rental in India has been on the rise, which is good news for biking enthusiasts, as it adds to affordability and options. One can also avail online bike rental in India for scooter rentals and motorcycle rental services. Thus, using offline or online bike rental services, one can rent a two-wheeler at competitive rates.

Here are a few tips one should follow to get the most out of their monthly bike rental experience.

Get a license

Renting a two-wheeler without a valid license is illegal. A two-wheeler license is a must not just due to legal reasons but also for safety. One must note, insurers do not pay in case of an accident met by a non-license holder. Hence, it makes sense to stay on the safer side and apply for a license if you do not have it yet. One must always carry a two-wheeler license when driving a two-wheeler on Indian roads.

Choose bikes based on ability

Many a time, people get drawn by stylish and speedy bikes and rent the same. However, it is not a good idea to go by just looks. One should pick a bike that one can handle as it ensures a smooth ride with no accident risk. Bike renters should not let one’s ambition of driving a heavy bike take over one’s safety.

Make a proper inspection

It is in the interest of the rider to do an appropriate inspection of the bike before hopping on to it. Tyres, engine, brakes, instruments panel, and lights should be double checked for any damage. One should make sure that the bike is in the perfect drivable state before leasing it out. If one is not satisfied with the condition of the bike, he or she should explore other options or other bike rentals in India for scooter rental or motorcycle rental.

Do not decide based on a rental rate

Although, the rent one would pay for the bike has a major say in the two-wheeler rental one would pick. However, the price should not be a priority. It has been seen that bikes on the lower side of the price range turn out to be less roadworthy and with more miles on the clock. The lower motorcycle rental rates are a way to entice bike rental seekers. Hence, one should not fall into this trap and ensure the bike quality is ride worthy.

Protective gear is a must

It is easy to get carried away while riding a bike to explore new places, but one should always prioritize their safety. While driving a rented bike, all the protective gear should be worn, and should also ensure that the protective gear is in good condition.

Check and compare Online

Compare online bike rental rates and reviews, to ensure the chosen offline or online scooter rental or motorcycle rental service provider has a good reputation with previous customers.

One must keep the tips mentioned above in mind before availing a monthly bike rental in India to ensure an enjoyable ride.


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