Bike Hire - A Great Option for Riders Wishing to Explore Hyderabad!

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This article highlights the places in Hyderabad that can be explored riding a bike and what makes hiring a two-wheeler in Hyderabad an excellent option for the same.

Know more on the how to explore the places around Hyderabad.

Biking is a liberating and exhilarating experience in equal measure. It has got a large number of fans, and if one talks about biking in Hyderabad, there is so much to explore. The “City of Pearls” offers a host of destinations where one can go on the bike on solo trips as well as in groups. These places include pilgrimage sites, picnic spots, natural spots, historical delights and much more. One can easily find two-wheeler on rent in Hyderabad and choose from a number of providers of motorcycle rental in Hyderabad.

Places to visit with hired bikes:

Anantagiri Hills is one popular tourist destination which is located at a distance of 79 kilometres from Hyderabad and can be reached easily on a motorcycle. This small hill station offers charming views, and one can also explore the lush forest area nearby.

Yadagirigutta is a pilgrimage site located at a distance of 66 kilometres from Hyderabad. It is home to a temple dedicated to Narasimha Swamy and is perfect for a bike trip as well.

Singoor Dam, 92 kilometres from Hyderabad, is another spectacular tourist destination and makes for an excellent weekend trip destination. Osman Sagar lake is also an ideal picnic spot where one can enjoy and rejuvenate.

Tips for group riding:

One can opt for solo or group rides, on their own two-wheelers or go for bike hire in Hyderabad. However, one should be mindful of some essential aspects. Firstly, the group should meet up to discuss the biking plan and the options for bike hire in Hyderabad. Important points like route, distance, breaks, food, fuel, and bike type for the journey, etc. must be planned beforehand. This would ensure proper coordination as well as resolution in case of mishaps. Especially when opting for bike hire in Hyderabad, a thorough inspection of the bikes as in brakes, tyre, engine, fuel, etc. is very important, to ensure there is no hindrance during the ride on the way to the destination. Bikes from even the best bike rentals in Hyderabad must be evaluated in person before a trip.

In group biking, the sequence of riders is critical for a smooth riding experience. It makes sense to have the experienced bikers lead the pack with the inexperienced in the middle and the fairly experienced ones at the back. This sequencing ensures a safe and smooth ride. Lastly, even in group rides, each biker should have an emergency exit so that they can bail out if they find themselves separated from the group. One must note that the best bike rentals in Hyderabad offer insurance for all the vehicles, and the terms of which should be cross-checked without fail.

Thus, whether one decides to explore in groups or solo, bike rentals in Hyderabad can do justice to one’s biking desires. With little research, one can find the best bike rentals in Hyderabad to explore the different places in and around the city without much hassles.


Written by Amarjeet — Marketing Wiz at Royal Brothers
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