What Motorcycle Suits You and Your Personality?

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Not sure which bike to own? Ever wondered which scooter or motorbike matches your personality well? Which one speaks to you as if it were your own conscience and complements your character? Here is a not-so-scientific, light-hearted take on bike personalities. Tell us which one is your soulmate.

Find out which bike reflects your personality.

Personality Traits of Motorcycle Riders


You are the leader of the herds. You know your status and capabilities, hence, you would never be caught riding a bike beneath your standard. People look up to you and take your words as law. you are unchallenged, as people realize how powerful you are, whether it is physically or intellectually.

Royal Enfield Bike Riding in India

You are confident and know-how and when to take charge when everyone else is clueless, but that doesn’t mean you are always right. Sometimes you can come off as headstrong and difficult to deal with. Nevertheless, you inspire others to keep moving forward, no matter the hardships ahead!


You are a person who has a very busy life. As part of a Modern India, you require things to move as quickly as possible to fit your fleeting routines. You don’t stop to take breaks or laze around during your free time. You always seem to be energetic, even though you probably sleep very little, and drink way too much coffee. A go-getter, you know how to remain stylish and trendy, without spending copious amounts of money.

Bajaj Pulsar Bike Rider

You are also very ambitious, who always strives to be successful, but you’re not very good at balancing your life. You’re either too focused on your career, or your social life, or neither, but you’re never in harmony with your inner self.


Rules are meant to be broken, stereotypes are meant to be challenged. That's your life's motto. American classics are your favourite, and your taste is for the finer things in life with an edge to it. You feel money should be spent on things that truly reflect your rebellious side. You know where quality lies, and even though you can get cheaper cruisers than this, a Harley is for life. Sometimes you may seem out of other people’s league because you are a badass in every form.

A man riding Harley Davidson

You can be choosy in who and what you want in your life, which can be good, sometimes. The outlaws of the society, you aim to live on your accord.


Just like this bike, you are insane in your own way. You love the thrills of life, and the kick you get from speeding through the streets is like a drug for you! Sometimes you imagine yourself in the Road Rash game, dodging cars and pedestrians in the blink of an eye. You believe life is meant to be enjoyed, and you live by the clichéd “You Only Live once” phrase, and nothing can stop you from that.

KTM bike riding in India

Your downside? You don’t get along well with people who just want to live a normal life. You've also probably had a lot of run-ins with the police for speeding!


As the name suggests itself, you are a free-bird who only thinks of the path and not the place you’ll end up in. A very independent person, you don’t depend on anyone. The empty highways are your paradise and you are willing to go anywhere in life if the path is a challenging one and beautiful to journey through. Wild card guess - Your all-time favourite song is Highway to Hell!


So you love riding this vintage scooter, probably because you’re a hipster who likes everything old school and finds Vespa a new trendsetter, or you’re an oldie who’s still young at heart and feels nostalgic when riding this lovely bike. It reminds you of your youthful days.

Whatever your age, people would consider you as an upbeat, cheerful person and maybe a little poetic in nature. However, you do tend to dwell on the past a bit too much. Many people think you were born in the wrong era!


The regular joe. You don’t care whether you ride a scooter or motorcycle, for you both are two-wheelers, and that’s all that matters. You are an easy-going person, who gets along well with everyone and can be anyone’s friend in an instant. People may find you boring & dull at first, but soon they'll realize how much fun you can be!

A Girl riding Honda Activa bike

You are always that reliable friend that everyone can count on and that sober friend who can take their drunk pals back home safely. There isn’t any downside to you, just that you want to live a simple, normal life, without the need for something crazy.


You are an introvert, who usually is the odd one out amongst bikers. Silence is better than being loud and pompous. People don’t generally know how smart and enigmatic you are. You are very intellectual or physically strong, but you don't show it off. However, you will always surprise the people around you with those hidden talents and mysterious personality. Although you are probably the type to brood a lot over life, speak and think in philosophical terms, you make everyone around you have an existential crisis. But hey, life is filled with so many unanswered questions.

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