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  • FAQ's
  • What are "RB Bikes"?
  • What am I investing on?

    You’ll be investing on RB Bikes that will be owned and operated by RoyalBrothers for rental services.

  • Do I get to choose the type of RB Bikes?

    RB Bikes depends on the amount you’ll be investing. RoyalBrothers will choose the bike and location where the bike will be purchased based on demand.

  • How much will I earn?

    You’ll earn assured amount every month for 36 months based on your investment, which is more than what you will get from the banks or any financial institutions.

  • How do you calculate assured amount?

    We calculate assured amount based on your investment. Your assured amount will be calculated for 36 months at 20% IRR more than what you’ll get from any type of investments.

  • Increase your earnings by channelling your monthly assured amount to Recurring deposit or any recurring investment.
  • For Example
  • If you invest on RB Royal Enfield Classic 350 bike:
  • If you invest on RB Yamaha FZ bike:
  • If you invest on RB Honda Activa 4G bike:
  • How will I get the Assured money every month?

    We will credit the assured amount based on your investment directly to your bank account every month.

  • Will there be any agreement?

    Yes, RoyalBrothers will be entering in to agreement with you for 36 months.

  • What happens after 36 months?

    After 36 Months our agreement gets terminated and RoyalBrothers will retain the ownership of the bikes however you can invest on new bikes and continue earning.

  • What happens if the bike meets with accident or get stolen?

    Don’t worry, in such events RoyalBrothers will take care of all the formalities and Insurance claims. This won’t affect your returns.

  • What more will I get from this program?
    • You’ll get FLAT 20% OFF on any bookings you do on RoyalBrothers.
    • You’ll get a privilege to be an early bird in any new programs we run.
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