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Nilgiri Route: Bike Trip From Bangalore To Coonoor

Bangalore - Mysuru - Ooty - Coonoor

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When heading out of Bangalore, take the exit towards Mysore a 3-hour ride away from the city. The highway is a wide 4-lane smooth ried, though traffic frequents this route, so you might want to avoid peak hour riding. Once you reach Mysore on a pit stop, visit the number of tourist attractions that stand testament to a grandeur past, including the Mysore Palace and museum. For avid nature lovers, the botanical gardens are a must-see. The local cuisine is a typical South Indian fare and the people are welcoming and open to foreign visitors. There are plenty of places to visit in Mysore that you won’t soon forget.

Head out of Mysore towards Ooty on the Nilgiri route. Your ride on the way slows in pace not more due to the 2-lane roads, but because you will need to navigate through Bandipur National Park where elephants and other exotic wildlife abound, including a tiger reserve. You may even catch more than a glimpse of a pachyderm strolling across the road which strictly mustn’t be disturbed. The road through Bandipur stays closed overnight between 7pm-7am, so it would be wise to take this route when the sun has made its presence felt. But the road trip from Bangalore to Ooty is going to be one of the most scenic ones you’ve experienced yet.

Post Bandipur, find yourself in the hill station of Ooty, a charming town that is a favorite for those seeking a more serene vacation. The road involves a number of hairpin turns, but with proper navigation, you should be able to get yourself there safely. A lingering mist hovers in the air in the winter months, and the temperatures dip at the setting of the sun around this time.

You may want to spend a night at least in Ooty, or you can take a hike through three national parks in the vicinity - Mudumalai National Park, Mukurthi National Park and Silent Valley National Park. Each of these are bountiful with biodiversity, including wildlife and unique flora and fauna. There are plenty of sights to see and things to do in Ooty. You are mostly left to your own vices in these areas, so safety needs to be a top priority. After Ooty, end your Nilgiri route tour at Coonoor, a destination known for its cottage industry silk production. The climax happens at Dolphin Nose Point, giving you a spectacular panoramic view of the Nilgiris and its emerald valleys and silver waterfalls.

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