best road trip in south india

Best Routes For Bike Road Trip In India

Winters in India are usually an ideal time for foreign tourists to leave behind the threat of frostbite and to head to the sub-continent, where winters are not as harsh, but lend a pleasant coolness to the air. Rent a 2-wheeler from Royal Brothers and let the good times roll! India by road is yet relatively unscathed by the flow of commercial tourists, and riding down the national highways (NHs) promises to be an adrenaline-driven adventure. Roadways here are wide and well maintained, so you won’t have trouble navigating. The scenery along the highways are one-of-a-kind and not to be missed. There are many nature-oriented pit stops that are Instagram-worthy and off-road trekking sights with spectacular views. We’re listing down the best routes for bike trips in India!

Here, we’ve handpicked a few routes that take you through the length and breadth of India with some of the most unique sightings the sub-continent has to over. Pick a route depending on your penchant for pleasant surprises and get out there and explore!

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